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Total Fitness Recensioner

Susan P
2020-03-04 21:48:55


Big (25m) pool with options for lane swimming and a separate children’s pool. The main pool gets busy with swimming lessons, but these are timetabled so can be avoided with a bit of planning. Spa area includes sauna, steam room and saunarium, plus a huge hydro pool. These are occasionally closed for maintenance, but never more than one at a time, in my experience. The hydro pool temperature can be a bit hit and miss (sometimes not warm enough), which is disappointing. Good range of classes too and although I haven’t used the gym yet it’s large and seems to have plenty of equipment.

Fil Baker
2020-01-15 01:32:11

out of all the gyms this one has the…

out of all the gyms this one has the best facilities, it may not always be sparkling clean with enthusiastic staff but most are students and friendly and correct any issues you may have. Been a member 15 years and none of the other gyms come close

Ruby Ramelize
2020-01-12 20:46:49

For member of staff Liana

For member of staff Liana, please give her credit for outstanding customer service! (Bolton)From ruby and jess!

Mr Emsley
2019-12-22 08:02:03

Total fitness wakefield

I've been a member for years ,the facilities are very good the staff are very friendly and helpful if you are looking to join a gym l would recommend this one

2019-11-14 11:51:46

Joined Totalfitness a few months ago

Joined Totalfitness a few months ago, enjoying it so far! Go to alot of classes, love the pool. The hydro pool could be a bit warmer for me though!

jenni louise henderson
2019-11-03 00:56:31

I joined total fitness Bolton with my…

I joined total fitness Bolton with my son in August. I have never had a problem to be honest. Changing rooms are clean and if my son comes with me even though he is 12 we use family changing because he has severe anxiety.He loves the gym as well as the pool and we did look at David Lloyd's before tf and he hated it there. Tf has given him a bit of a confidence boost and for a child with anxiety like he has its good to know staff are there for him.I love the early mornings as it is quiet and the staff are friendly enough. Always seem cheery.

2019-09-27 01:02:33

Great gym well stocked

Been going to the gym now for 2 months and rate the place. I go with my girlfriend and there’s the right amount of equipment and classes to keep us both happy, pretty reasonable price too. Good that you can use other if your out of area too, staff can be a bit distant sometimes but I’ve had a good rapour with a few of the lads. Price is good and membership o will be continuing

Jackie lambert
2019-09-24 09:55:31

Once again the soap dispensers are…

Once again the soap dispensers are broken which leaves poor and unhygienic facilities for all and means you spread your germs all around. The area around the basins was also flooded with water which ended up all down my gym leggings. The staff are really friendly especially the more mature staff Chris being one of them. Spin not covered again last Friday as the instructor phoned in but to be fair it was at the last minute.

2019-07-03 18:02:40

Huddersfield-Early morning 6.30 classes…

Huddersfield-Early morning 6.30 classes absolutely brilliant for we stressed out working people. Thank you so much all Huddersfield team for your dedication You set the right atmosphere and ensure we work out thoroughly by driving us.Thanks again

2019-05-09 21:00:22

A good gym but

A good gym but no respect at all for kids that can swim. my 10 and 12 year old are silver and gold asa levels yet i still need to supervise them and they're not allowed in the main pool, only the baby pool. ffs get a grip on reality. looking to move back to my former gym due to swimming assessment which allows 10+ to swim in the pool whilst parents exercise. parents - no clubbercise during the day. spin day time is sprint (not wanted) and saturday spin guy not motivational, told we were rubbish, in class and were not worthy to leave on time as he had to rerun the last track. not the way to motivate your fitness teesside

2019-04-14 13:04:59

Bad staff

Usually total fitness is amazing. It is quite expensive but you get what you pay for with a lot of facilities and classes. However I had a very poor experience with a member of staff at the wigan branch. She was very rude, in polite and inappropriate. I felt very awkward when she left and felt the need to leave cutting my session short. There seems to be no real way to post a complaint on their website which is poor.

Sophie Reeve
2019-03-06 21:54:43

This gym has alot to offer

This gym has alot to offer. Plenty of equipment plus ladies only room and great pool area also highdration pool and sauna. Staff are nice. Abigail gave us a tour and was very helpful gave plenty of infomation and very friendly. Thankyou

chris rawlinson
2018-09-16 16:01:34

Bolton total fitness could be great but…

Bolton total fitness could be great but I don’t know if is a management issue or corporate. There is just no discipline. They used to employ plenty of people so when it was busy there would be staff around the free weight area making sure people put their weights back and didn’t kill themselves. There is no one now. It’s such an unsocial gym.It’s clean enough but apart from the friendly staff on reception there is no interaction. The classes are never at decent times and those that do take place in the day time are for the elderly. They are missing vital equipment and it takes ages to fix broken equipment. The pool is always dirty and never seems to get cleaned properly. The price is crazy for the hours it is open. Also considering it is a health club I hate smelling the unhealthy food that’s cooked in the cafe there.

Christian Le Feuvre
2018-02-14 16:33:17

What a fantastic gym

Total Fitness in Walkden Manchester is such a great place to go.This Gym certainly ticks off everything on a check list......1) Clean and tidy....... Check2) Friendly, helpful and approachable staff members....... Check3) A great selection, and amount of fitness machines to use....... Check4) Impressive swimming pool and hydrotherapy pool......... Check5) Well maintained and extremely clean changing facilities (with ample lockers and changing cubicles).......... Check6) Comfortable atmosphere.......... Check7) A great little café area to meet and greet friends (or new ones), have a bite to eat or just a coffee.................... CheckThis list could go on and on from my own visits and impression of this Gym, what I will say though is, following my incredible disappointment with the Manchester Aquatics Centre (my review can be found on their Google page), I was amazed at the contrast between the two places.The staff at this Total Fitness are terrific. The staff member who looked after me, Rob, was very polite, considerate and understanding (once I explained that I suffer from severe mental health problems, Rob was patient, considerate and took the time to explain things in a way that made me feel at ease and relaxed. Here's a staff member who genuinely understands the meaning of 'Customer Service',...........facility management take note!)The 'Induction' team of guys are genuinely supportive if you are unsure about what to do, which facilities would be best suited for your goals and put you at ease and make you feel welcome if you are new to gyms or are concerned.I have to say whether you are an ardent gym-goer or a casual visitor like myself, if you like the training machines to do a full-on workout, or if you just like to do an hour or so in the pool (doing a few lengths in the lanes or just casual swimming to keep fit), I reckon you'll struggle to find somewhere nicer.This, of course is my own opinion, but give it a go, you never know you might even agree with me.

2017-12-05 23:50:14