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Peacocks Recensioner

2020-05-07 12:24:43

Had an email from them since my last…

Had an email from them since my last review in reply to the one i sent them. Just had another to say my items have been dispatched now. My opinion is if anyone buys from their online service be prepared for up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Liah Green
2020-04-26 06:39:58

Great store with wide range of selection

Lisa Kincaid Chidester
2020-03-28 20:55:44

Very happy customer

I entered a giveaway on facebook that Peacock hosted. I was the lucky winner. I told them my size is US sizes and they suggested my UK size. The jeans didn't fit, I contacted someone on messenger and they said, "they was going to send a gift card to my email." Instead they sent another pair of jeans, which is perfectly fine. This company was very willing to resolve my issue in a timely manner. I will definitely be shopping with them again in the future. Great customer service and very willing to resolve any issues that you may have. So sorry some of you had a problem with them, but for me they was excellent. Thank you so much Peacock UK for being so kind.

maria owen
2020-02-24 16:19:03

Reason for 3+ is because they’re…

Reason for 3 stars is because they’re returns online is so confusing, it’s taken me three days trying to get the Returns Code, even speaking to two agents there who categorically said I need to go back online & get the code myself or get someone to do it for me. What a farce!! My last try indicated “item not eligible for return” even though I’ve got another 8 days to return. I was so furious I rang them again & spoke to June who was so helpful & within minutes she emailed the Return Code to me, Can’t understand why the two previous agents couldn’t do that, why the hell cant they give this code as soon as the return is booked!! Never again will I shop with them !

Kathleen Benn
2020-02-20 16:33:23

Excellent online customer service re a complaint....

Bearing in mind the previous reviews on here, I wasn't expecting much if any response to my online query this morning regarding an issue with a gift card.However, I have received prompt and helpful assistance from a person called Philip. The issue was checked into and resolved in a timely manner.Thank you again Philip

2020-02-04 18:29:32


Hi Lisa, I’m not assuming you in particular have stolen, so please calm down.. however I’m just saying I’ve worked in many businesses so I know that from a business perspective, a lot of items do get stolen therefore a way companies will avoid this is through their refund policy. You must understand that a customer who does not have their receipt doesn’t have proof of actually buying the item unless they have a bank statement, therefore it’s basically like giving away free money to those who ‘may’ of stolen the garments.

2020-01-30 20:11:55


Was instore on Sunday. Store didn't have the size of jacket I wanted. Staff ordered it for me for instore collection. Jacket arrived instore on tue. Didn't expect it that quick. Great service.

2020-01-25 19:20:22


I don’t quite understand the issue with these other reviews, I will admit the online returns policy can be a little confusing at first as I struggled myself which is why I went to the till point and asked for help, in which they logged the order for me and I was able to return it, however the staff were lovely and explained thoroughly how I can do it myself in the future. The issue seems to be people either not having their receipt in which a company won’t be able to tell if that item is stolen without any proof of buying it, or running out of time with receipts, personally I think 14 days it quite enough time to figure out if you want the item or not plus a lot of companies have started doing the same policy.

2020-01-18 14:38:09

No hassle

Was weary to order online due to all these negative reviews but did anyway. Ordered arrived to be collected 4 days later. Tried items on while in the shop. Wanted to return 1 item. Knew I need authorisation code again due to these reviews. Asked a staff member, who directed me to address on back of invoice (got to admit I never read the back). Within 5mins I had logged on & followed instructions & had authorisation code. Return instore then completed. No hassle at all.. with regards to 14days, think you might find more & more retailers have moved to this policy. Sounds like most peoples problems have been down to not reading their receipts. Guilty of not doing that myself. Decide to leave a positive review as people tend to only leave negative reviews.

2020-01-17 08:59:29


Jeans - has anyone found the the zips are rubbish? i have bought 4 pairs of jeans and 2 of the zip has burst. I was able to return one pair as it was within 14 days but the other i just had to bin. its a shame really as the jeans are a good fit

2020-01-16 14:36:27

People need to stop moaning when it's their own fault!!

I needed to return part of my online order as ordered 2 of the same for size and found the returns process a little confusing. However, the very helpful online team explained what the problem was (it was me doing something wrong not the website) and my return was sorted immediately!! Have always received good service in store too!! Seems to me all the people on here moaning have only themselves to blame for 'losing their receipt' or 'not reading their receipt' for store purchases or for not reading the online returns policy (which your must 'tick the box' at checkout to confirm you have read and agreed to when purchasing online!!) Instead of leaving bad reviews perhaps people should accept responsibility and learn from their own mistakes!!

Gabrielle George
2020-01-14 15:26:09


Peacocks have been amazing to me and have supported me a lot when I've shopped in their Maesteg store, and their online store. I think the company is a positive influence not just in fashion but in the community aspect. ❤️

2020-01-10 23:09:15

Really friendly staff I got help with…

Really friendly staff I got help with an online return as I was unsure of to get a return code the assistant made it easy to do and also managed to find me an exchange in store...very happy bunny

2020-01-07 00:24:23

Let me explain

Just to try and explain the refund policy a little better and so people may understand the reason why peacocks and many other retailers (primark were one of the first) have had to become strict on it.Originally we offered a 30 day full refund or exchange policy with your receipt (14 days for sale items) If you never had your receipt but wanted to exchange for goods to the value or above that was fine too although if it had gone down in price then that would be the price we would use (you may have paid £16 the week before but without a receipt we don’t know that). Then we stopped Offering this and here’s one of the main reasons why..ShopliftersSo here’s the scenario and it used to happen all the time (before this new policy) shoplifter takes a bunch of clothes, nothing in particular really and and maybe sells them on for a fraction of the price or goes to another store and exchanges the stolen clothes without a receipt and gets something they actually want. Just because something has the tag on and is in its original condition does still not mean it’s been paid for.New policy 14 days return or exchange with a receipt. It stops the stolen items being returned and exchanged. Now to Christmas receipts..The receipt was extended beginning of November. The policy was printed at the bottom of the receipt like our normal one too it was just extra long.You had your original 14 days for a full refund and then till the 6th January (today) for an exchange only, as long as you had your receipt. If it was a present for someone then we did gift receipts too.Last but not least Internet returns/returns code..the Bain of our lives but has to be done. Here goes..Any order made online but not suitable can be brought back to store You must log into your account and very quickly request a return by ticking the boxes of the items you want to return, submit and then you get your code (and also an extended 14 days to return once requested), jot it down and come return your items but bring along your invoice too. PAYPAL orders are exchange only or you have to send the items back through post (still get your returns codes either way) .Thats not just our policy it’s across the board with most retailers.Clothes from online don’t get sent back to the warehouse when you bring them in store, we sell them on and this is there way of keeping track of why we have the extra stock.I really hope I have somewhat explained why we do and have had to do what we do. This was to try and help those who may not have been given the best customer service that we should be giving. Thank you if you managed to read it all.

Dale Blackmore
2020-01-05 18:16:03

Great experience..I had no issues..and…

Great experience..I had no issues..and for everyone on here complaining about not being able to exchange without receipts..well of course thats in place..everyone knows to keep them if there is an issue..Moaning people.