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Milk & More Recensioner

Mark Bishop
2020-04-16 09:28:54

Have used Milk and More since 2013

Have used Milk and More since 2013; firstly when living in Wombourne and now in Swindon (the village near Dudley not the town in Wiltshire). Service has always been great. The two milkmen who have delivered to us during this period have always been brilliant and that standard has never wavered. So grateful that through these 'very different' times our deliveries has been there and correct without fail. Thank you to all Milk and More staff especially our current milkman John.

Dan Smithers
2020-05-14 10:50:32

Reliable service

Great to have a reliable milkman delivering to our doorstep.In the current lockdown this has been very useful and saves us having to visit the shops multiple times per week for essentials.

2020-04-09 14:53:45

Thank you

Our Milkman Will, is a stranger in the night! We don't see him but we know he is around. Thank you for continuing to deliver at this difficult time it is appreciated. Have a lovely Easter with your family.

2020-04-15 10:49:26

Veggie box

We use M&M to support local businesses. Yes it can be frustrating to change the orders. But we can live with it. The problem is the vegetable box. First had huge onions, fennel and other bits that nobody wants. Second came this morning, selection was better but the box was damp and some vegetables completely out of date! Shame, I don’t think we will order it again.

Caroline Burroughs
2020-05-01 11:00:45

I have only praise for Mark my milkman…

I have only praise for Mark my milkman who has been a lifeline during this crisis not only for milk but other bits & pieces. Brought straight to your front door how wonderful is that thanks with a husband who is self isolating has made things easier for me

2020-04-08 21:05:07

Well Done and thanks to Barry Phillips

Well Done and thanks to Barry Phillips, for such an excellent service, especially at this current time.

Rachel, Grimsby
2020-04-08 20:51:33

Thank you John Dutton

Thank you John for delivering without fail. When people were panic buying and emptying the supermarket shelves, it was so reassuring to know that we could rely on the milk being on our doorstep every week. Really appreciate you, especially at the present time.

Colin Rice
2020-04-16 20:49:25

Our milkman is Russell (Chislehurst - BR7)

Our milkman is Russell (Chislehurst- BR7) and we never see him as he delivers at between 3/4 in the morning!! However he is very reliable and efficient and never lets us down. Well done Russell especially during the current very difficult situation. With regards M & M online ordering/cancelling/refunds I have never had any problems with them.

Michelle Gibbons
2020-05-03 16:37:52

Stale bread

First order was satisfactory although some items were not delivered. A quick call to customer services and it was confirmed that the item was out of stock. No big deal. Ordered 2 "White Tin Loaves" and 1 "Artisan Sourdough Loaf". All 3 were so stale that they were unusable and subsequently were thrown away. Very disappointing as I paid almost £10 for 3 loaves of bread. My CCTV tells me that the milkman delivered at 12.53am, early but surely not so early that the bread went stale?

Susan Sutton
2020-04-16 16:13:23

Usually a fantastic service - but not during the current crisis

Until the current crisis, the service from Milk & More had been excellent. However, since the lockdown things have not been good. I have requested several refunds for items which were either out of stock or not delivered. The company is very good at charging instantly for any regular and one-off items ordered but is failing terribly with refunds for cancelled items or out-of-stock items. I have emailed three or four times for items which need a refund but have so far not received a reply or a refund for any of these items. It's such a shame as I have been a customer for 20 years (or thereabouts). I'm not even sure if the information on our actual milkman is currently correct as he said he was moving to a different role at Christmas time but he is still listed as our milkman on my account (Philip Pratt). I'm sure it's not his fault that things are not going smoothly - despite repeated warnings that our delivery might be late it has never arrived any later than usual. For this, I am very grateful. The one refund I did receive was for the Easter weekend when I cancelled the whole order for the Thursday before Easter (as I don't have space to store 8 bottles in the fridge) and then re-ordered in larger plastic bottles so that I could fit them in. I did receive a refund for the entire cancelled order. But this doesn't seem to have happened on a number of occasions when I have only reduced my order by one or two items or when an item is out of stock (eggs). The week they stopped being available I actually ordered an extra box - which I was charged for instantly - along with my regular order. But neither box was delivered - so I was charged for 2 boxes and received none!It would be helpful to know when or if egg supplies will be resumed.

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