Miele Verifikationskoder November 2021

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Miele Recensioner

2020-04-17 13:07:04

Good hoover, but with a common fault.

We've had miele hoovers for a few years now and have been happy with them on the whole. There is a fault on the telescopic handle though - which seems to give out after a couple of years (this has happened twice for us) and it isn't worth replacing due to the cost.Customer service are quite helpful, but unfortunately it just seems to be a common weakness in an otherwise good product.

Vijaya Joshi
2020-03-24 21:32:09

Absolutely delighted with my Miele…

Absolutely delighted with my Miele washing machineI bought mine in Liverpool in 1984. paid £500/- and it was lot of money then but it traveled with me all over the country with my job. Only once I had problem and it was my fault, try opening the door forcefully, not realising it was fuse - kaput Engineer came within a day sorted it out and it is still going strongI wanted a machine using less water and this one is great for that.

2020-03-14 10:39:24

After buying a replacement hoover as my…

After buying a replacement hoover as my old one died I bought a new one threw amazon!Well the head snapped and I got transferred to Miele and wow what fantastic service! I’m getting a new one sent threw with no quibble and such a lovely customer service advisor.Miele hoovers last years and I suddenly got worried but there can always be a fault in one.I would def recommend Miele without a hesitation and that’s with any product

2020-03-09 19:35:54

Miele are still number 1

Product ordered last Monday delivery on that Wednesday Delivery and installation was quick and driver gave us the full run down of the appliance and it’s functionsTwinDos and Caps are great and easy to use Appliance came with 5 year extended warranty which was simple to register for certificate arrived via email in 3 days Well Done Miele

2020-03-08 17:53:16

Amazingly reliable washing machines

Bought 10 years ago, and continues to run without any faultsDid have mile vacuum cleaners that also have lasted well. The one product from Miele that was poor was the dishwasher that catastrophically failed after 5 years

2020-03-05 08:46:32

Miele blizzard cat & dog vacuum cleaner

Didn't read the reviews on here first, otherwise I wouldn't have purchased Miele. However, I bought the Miele Blizzard cat & dog vacuum cleaner and so far I'm very impressed (if a bit disgusted by how much muck it sucked out of my 'clean' carpet!) I don't know how long it will last or how expensive parts will be, but having had 3 Dysons that didn't last well at all and certainly couldn't match the suction power on the Miele or its quiet runnning, I'll never go back to Dyson. If I was being hyper-critical I would complain that one of the attachments seems a bit difficult to use to start with, but after a few try's I got the hang of how to engage it (the brush on the handle attachment that is). I feel sorry for all the people who have been let down by Miele, I hope I'm just lucky with my purchase.

2020-01-07 14:56:49

Quality Fridge

Purchased Miele Integrated Fridge K37672iD. Fabulous Fridge lots of lighting. They have made the Perfect Fridge. Very good quality.

Adriana Jipa
2019-12-25 08:00:14

Excellent customer service

Bought a vacuum cleaner from them and the brush on top of the house broke,on Sunday I have mail them,on Monday I have received an mail back that they will replace the damage and on Tuesday I have received the replace brush.Thank you for you excellent service.

Garry Rogers
2019-12-10 18:59:08

Older Miele machine much better than the newer ones - Sorry Miele

Had to replace our (just 10 year old ) Miele washing machine. We had a Distinction 3000 which worked great up 18 months before the 10 year warranty ran out.We had NO choice but to begrudgingly buy a new machine and we got the Miele WCI320 Powerwash XL.The only positive I am sad to say is that the new machine has a much larger drum 9Kg.But we much prefer the operations of our old machine - the quick wash was 32 minutes on a 40 degree whereas now the quick wash is 59 minutes.You can not open the door on the new machine whilst it is in operation - our old machine we could.It appears that after every 5-6 washes the new machine keeps saying we need to run the clean cycle - this takes approx. 40 minutes.Sorry Miele but not really impressed and so much for machines going on for years and years. Our machine was immaculate and very well looked after but it had a spin problem 18 months before the 10 year warranty expired and despite 4 engineer visits over 18 months the machine was never fully fixed and the 3 months the 10 year period it died - Miele wrote it off - hence having to get a new oneAnd also the machine I got I could only get a 5 year warranty whereas I have noticed the ones they have now of similar features come with 10 years warranty - Not a happy chappie

2019-10-24 12:31:06

Brilliant engineers!

Yes, Miele may have some issues when it comes to logistics and offering appointments. However, I have to say that their engineers are just brilliant. So professional, knowledgeable, nice and helpful. I am more than impressed with Mr Baltzis after today's visit. He was only here to replace the dryer's door but he happily answered all my questions about the washing machine as well. He even checked the level to ensure it's all correct and offered guidance. And Miele customer service was so good as well, they have always texted/emailed me when they said they would - no issues there either. So glad I bought a Miele.

2019-10-21 12:09:40

Miele cylinder vacuum cleaner CX1 Cat…

Miele cylinder vacuum cleaner CX1 Cat and Dog. It is not as powerful as my last one which was 11 years old and doesn't pick up as well, it leaves the heavier grit on the floor the dogs bring in. It is bigger all round making it harder to lift up narrower staircases. The odd handle is like driving an upright which I am not keen on, but I will get used to it. The biggest problem so far is the brush which is incorporated into the handle. Handy I thought. To release it you push a release button that hardly moves and then you push the brush down the handle hose. I discovered you need brute strength to shift it, or not, something us older bods might have a lot of difficulty with! I was hoping for so much more. :-/

2019-10-03 12:01:57

Miele vacuume cleaner cats n dogs c2.

Miele vacuume cleaner cats n dogs c2.Best vacuume I've ever had. The 2nd attachment on wheels makes this easier to use than any other device I've had. Ive had product over a year!

Kathy Spurrell
2019-06-18 01:28:23

Ron serviced my dishwasher and he was…

Ron serviced my dishwasher and he was excellent. Very courteous and helpful.

Paul Cartledge
2019-04-30 14:57:29

After 16 years of use my Miele…

After 16 years of use my Miele washer-dryer recently came to the end of its useful life . Miele service engineers had been out several times to try to fix the fault, but ultimately came to the conclusion it would not be financially viable to repair. The machine was not in warranty but Miele refunded the money I had spent on repairs (minus the initial call-out fee). I then bought a new Miele washer-dryer (not directly from Miele) . When it was delivered there was an issue getting used to the rather complicated programme options on the new machine, and I could not get it to work. I called Miele at 19:58, a couple of minutes before their help centre was due to close. I spoke to a really helpful lady called Leanne who stayed on the line for almost half an hour after she should have gone home, she could not resolve the fault herself, but called an engineer who talked us through it and sorted the whole thing out. The new machine is excellent so far. But I wanted to shout out the outstanding customer service I received.

2019-02-13 15:04:32

Miele washer dryer

I have a Miele washer dryer. The product itself is very good and sturdy (not to mention heavy at nearly 100kg! The removal men when I moved house weren’t too impressed by the weight).I needed a repair (nothing major, just the suspension springs making a noise, which I’ve had before with other brands of machines). After waiting 15 minutes my call was answered, I explained the problem and what I think it might be, and a repair was booked for the following week. Unbeknown to me, they’d ordered replacement springs prior to the repair visit and so when the repair man turned up he replaced the springs and the problem was sorted (none of the having to wait two weeks for the part to be ordered). All in all I was quite impressed!