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Joe Browns Recensioner

pootle kid
2020-05-18 12:28:57

Such a shame

Such a shame. A long-term customer and for my OWN reasons (I'm not preaching to anybody else) I've decided to no longer purchase goods made in China. I merely inquired as to the providence of one item of clothing and asked if it had been made in China, it was, I decided not to buy the product. The young lady I spoke to asked if it was because of Covid-19, I said it was and that it was a personal choice, I was then scoffed at, I asked why the reaction, only to be scoffed at again, I had made clear that I wasn't preaching but that I was simply being much more careful what I spend my money on, others are free to do as they wish. I was so incensed that I called back and spoke with a charming young lady who said that she would log a complaint, I only wished I had spoken to her earlier. The rating of 3 is based on previous performance and for the designs themselves, I don't think one bad phone call should trash a company's reputation (though it can). Once Joe Browns has the providence of its clothing listed on the website, we may revisit but until then, I will not shop there.

Caroline Picker
2020-05-15 11:21:54

I’m a new customer to Joe Brown and I…

I’m a new customer to Joe Brown and I must say they are brilliant!!!The delivery was sooo speedy and the styles are lovelyThe clothes are of good quality for the price especially in the outlet shop.Well done Joe Brown

Joann Wilson
2020-04-30 12:45:58

There clothes always make me smile

There clothes always make me smile, have some real bargain in their sales, enjoy looking through their designs.. if I have to return anything, they are quick to refund !

Miss Michelle Crawford
2020-04-27 12:46:11

I have bought joe browns clothes for…

I have bought joe browns clothes for years, it’s retro/hippy style stands out from many off the peg clothing from high streets, with no probs, but I have to say Joe’s home range has me hooked! I’ve lamps/cushions/ornaments/mirrors it’s so kitsch i love it! Keep it up Joe the comments I get are more than worth the spend

Lesley Reid
2020-04-07 15:00:33

Reviews for items on your website would be helpful

I've been buying from Joe Brown's for a few years and have to say that the quality of clothing and speed of delivery so far has been great. However I don't always find the sizes consistent. My husband only every buys t-shirts, so no problem. But I have bought dresses and tops, which some fit like a glove, and others are either a little tight or a little too big, or too long, even though I have ordered same size every time. My complaint however, is not the quality of clothes, but why are there no reviews on their website for individual items as on other websites this is a great help. I am currently wanting to order two tops for myself but not sure which size and don't want to have to send back. I would like to know in advance if they are a bit on the snug size. Just a suggestions as I have had some fab stuff

Debbie Fisher
2020-03-17 10:45:12

Happy with purchase & service.

I have recently purchased some items from Joe Browns. I was pleased with everything! My parcels were delivered quickly - I always pay the extra for next day as I hate waiting! The items were true to size. I would order from here again.

Jennifer K
2020-02-28 18:08:37

Great clothes, quality, service

Great clothes, I've bought jackets, skirts, dresses from them and been very happy with the quality and pricing. Return customer and their very easy to deal with.

Rika Thornton
2020-02-06 19:14:48

American sizes in the UK

Im American and I want to buy a blazer from you guys. If Im a size 14 American,, which size would I be in UK sizes. I really want to order one before my birthday with is February 22. Thank you and please help with feedback.

Rachael F
2020-02-06 15:31:15

I made an order an hour or two ago but…

I made an order an hour or two ago but I haven't received a confirmation email for my order.I have an express delivery method , order is expected tomorrow.

2020-02-06 13:52:54

I have put an order in but have not…

I have put an order in on Wednesday 5th, but have not received any notification yet

Sam Hall
2020-02-02 21:07:21

Quality let’s them down.

I’ve been buying from Joe Browns for a few years. I really liked the unusual dresses. However this winter I see a real change. The catalogue had a large range of ‘party’ and seasonal dresses - mostly not my style and also often rather pricey. I purchased a really nice dress in October, a jersey patterned sun dress for £45. Sadly it washed really badly and started to bobble up so at Christmas I had to return it. Looking in the catalogue I noticed lots of the more wearable dresses and skirts state they need to be washed at 30 degrees, not even 40 degrees, or need hand washing. I think Joe Browns are skimping on quality and using cheap fabric. The final straw happened today when my hat, also purchased in October, literally just fell apart. I was so pleased to find a different place to shop for nice dresses and skirts but now I’ve been really put off by the poor quality of recent purchases.In Reply to JB’s response regarding wash temps. My concern was if dresses and skirts need washing on 30 degrees or hand washing then they can’t go in with everything else that is normally washed at 40. Also it suggests the fabric is not very robust. My experience also suggests this. If items rapidly wear out and fade after a couple of washes then they are not good value for money. My older JB dresses were of much better quality. No one wants to spend £45 on a dress for it to only last 3 months before the fabric starts to look faded. Please sort out the quality of your collection or you will loose all your customers.

2020-02-01 08:24:00

I like many Joe Browns items

I like many Joe Browns items, though the scarf hem is getting a bit old hat. The quality of the material is often a let down its either easy-crease, nylon type or itchy next to the skin, some nice soft quality fabrics would be appreciated. Also at 5'8" many of the dresses are too short for me. I always think the same on your regular model, another few inches longer would look far better in many of the styles.

Michelle Dean
2020-01-26 03:10:25

can’t find an answer anywhere?! Please help

Love love joe brown clothing, however I’m still slightly confused with sizing and can not find an answer anywhere? Ordering from UK website, do I order my UK size, or do I order the American size, which is 2 x sizes down? (Big difference if I get this wrong!) Last time I ordered by mail, my Jeans were massive!!! So makes me think that I need to order the American equivalent? But I’m now living overseas, and having delivered to a family member who is visiting soon, I need to be accurate with my size? Please help!

Sharon Tarbard
2020-01-16 09:40:07


Thank you Joe Browns for allowing me to return the unworn dress so correcting the poor service I received previosly

Ms N Haynes
2020-01-13 18:35:05

WAC0337624 iv had no issues with…

WAC0337624 iv had no issues with anything iv brought of joe browns .. All sizes are accurate fabric as expected .. I love the designs and colour mixes . My favourite designer by far .