Hollywood Bowl Kupongkoder och kuponger Storbritannien Maj 2022

Kolla in de populära erbjudandena på . Upptäck kuponger för maximala besparingar. Hitta ett utbud av Hollywood Bowl Kupongkoder gäller för Maj 2022 . Njut av våra verifierade och uppdaterade 21 kampanjer till oslagbara priser. Det finns för närvarande 21 specialerbjudanden tillgängliga på Hollywood Bowl , Inklusive Hollywood Bowl Verifikationskoder. Unna dig själv för mindre och njut av stora besparingar på Hollywood Bowl i dag!

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Hollywood Bowl Recensioner

2020-01-11 22:40:27

Well done Hollywood Bowl

Well done a Hollywood Bowl, Broadway Plaza, Birmingham.I booked in advance on Thursday for a party of 30 mixed kids and parents. Heidi at the desk was brilliant - sorted everything so we got the best prices. We also wanted food for the kids. When we arrived today Heidi had everything organised: Lanes were ready and we went straight on. We gave our food orders and everything was ready as soon as we finished bowling - even tables had been reserved.I can’t fault the service nor the experience. Everyone had a great time. I even got three game vouchers as they noticed that I’d overbooked for the number we actually had. Well done team!

2019-12-19 16:46:40

Hollywood Bowl Rubery

Went to Hollywood bowl Rubery in Birmingham, it was amazing staff were very polite and friendly even with my children, we played a game and wanted to add another game as the children were having so much fun, Tom was brilliant his friendliness and service handling was phenomenal he got us straight back into another game and served us again after we finished in the arcade he was talking to the children about who won or got a strike and gave them both a sticker for what they done. He is a true credit to the team and shows that there is still magic at this place

Hannah boland
2019-10-05 15:12:15


Spoke to a staff member in the leeds Hollywood bowls called ADAM. He was so polite and helped us out massively. Definitely deserves a promotion! Thank you again!

2019-09-06 15:03:42

excellent customer service

We went to the Basingstoke branch and the venue was clean tidy and in good order. The staff member front of house was amazing she was professional polite and warming during our visit to us and to other guests. She also helped us with a few technical issues too! We had a great time today and I’d recommend coming to Basingstoke just for the bowling.

Catherine Winter
2019-08-27 22:54:53


Went to the Lakeside Thurrock alley. It’s a nice place, new & clean etc. It is rather pricey though. It cost £64 for 1 adult & 4 juniors to have 2 games at T time.The other downside is that it’s very loud, I like loud music of all genres but it’s too much. Everyone then shouts to compensate & its headache inducing. If I bowled elsewhere it would’ve been 30% cheaper.

Mrs Nugent
2019-08-15 13:47:15

winner very time!!!!

Whenever I plan to bowl I book online for Hollywood Bowl Surrey Quays, (I would recommend this way, less drama) I often get good discounts, and find booking on line easier. You can book your time and lane, and add any additional snacks you may wish to add to you lane. My son has had two birthday parties there but decided against using their party package - but instead, booked the kids slots on line, and additional drinks. When we arrive we didn't have to wait long, and our diluted drinks where made up ready, though upon tasting was a bit too sweet.... I then placed the children's meal towards the end of the game at the till, the kids meal came in little boxes - chooses where burgers, hot dog, or nuggets and veggie burgers with chips... the kids where happy - though i thought the potions where a bit small not enough chips.. Over all the experience has always been good.. All the staff that i interacted with where all very friendly and helpful I would recommend it as a nice fun day...Its become a regulate thing to do.....

2019-07-02 12:01:13

Lack of refund policy is a day light robbery

i booked a game for my two boys but we're late and decided to change the date due to lack of refund policy. I came to their branch at Surrey Quays to make changes to my initial book and asked if i can add my online discount. The guy i met at the desk told me whenever i am ready, he can do all for me. I didn't do it that day because i didn't have all the information of other kids i wanted to add to initial booking.i went back to following Saturday 29/06/2019 and met a different person who told me discount cannot be added unless it was done online. If Hollywood Bowling do actually give refund as i requested, i would have done the booking again and added my 50% discount on it. So i paid extra money to get the booking done. On 1st of July 2019, i called the call center to add food menu to the existing booking and discussed and my concern. The guy on the phone said, refund cannot be done in the branch but on phone they could do something. So i added the food menu which in total with existing booking cost me £137.14 for 6 kids games and 3 adults menu and 6 kids menu. Normally, i would pay less if i was able to do another booking myself online and apply my discount.On 02/07/2019, i rang the Surrey Quarys branch, because one my son will not be able to make it, so i want to cancel his space and menu, but i was told i cannot get refund for him even though the booking was just been done on 01/07/2019. Why can't we be able to manage our booking ourselves? What sort of stupid policy is this? These is like a DAY LIGHT ROBBERY!!!!!!!!!!! i AM NOT HAPPY WITH HOLLYWOOD BOWLING STUPID POLICY.

Linda Harley
2019-02-01 21:12:38

We had a great time on Friday 1st febliverpool college

We had a great time on Friday 1st feb

2018-01-28 22:04:39

Not bad.

Not bad.. went on a date their good fun and clean.. not sure about the pricing tho seem like daylight robbery

mason Richards
2017-10-07 16:54:37

Mixed feelings over Holywood bowl....

Mixed feelings over Holywood bowl..... If you simply want to play bowls and not bother with food or arcade I'd say go for it..... Great experience to play there with great atmosphere.... Now the downside, the food bar there charge absolute ridiculous prices and well spoil the stay with utter, way over the top greed.... £6.99 for a jug of juice (£3 in imagination street) £6.99 for a hotdog...... Same ones £1 off street vendors..... Would be cheaper to put a gallon of juice in car and drive 8 miles to town and buy 4 for family and still. Have £15 change lol.The arcade is a total waste of money too.... All you win are tokens and you'd need 800 of them (at a cost of possibly 50 quid) to "win" a prize worth £2 on market stall...... If Hollywood bowl sold cheaper food, burgers in line with maccies prices, and put better prizes in arcade it would be one fantastic place to visit...... Probably best within miles but I'm afraid not..... My advice, go to maccies first then enjoy one hell of a great atmosphere to bowl..... Avoid their food and avoid the arcade

Mrs Wheeler
2017-02-23 19:53:41

Excellent customer service in Cheltenham.

We arrived early and the team member set up our lanes and went out of her way to offer exceptional service. Friendly and pleasent, the manager and staff at the Cheltenham centre were fantastic. Lovely retro surroundings, great food which was very well presented and great atmosphere. Would recommend and we will be returning.