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    Bra erbjudanden på Dominos Pizza

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    Dundee: 2 för 1 på medelstora och stora pizzabeställningar på Domino's

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Dominos Recensioner

Mike Lawrence
2019-08-15 13:50:03

Dominos Kinson always delivers the best…

Dominos Kinson always delivers the best pizza to us and food is always piping hot too, never disappointed.

2019-09-23 08:28:00

Quick delivery, hot pizza

Order regularly, had a few issues in the past but recently have rarely had any problems. Delivery is very quick, or if collecting then it's ready when it says it is, and pizza is usually correct and still hot.

Debra Scott
2019-10-13 17:56:14

In all honesty

In all honesty, I get great service, the people are great, also attentive. Though I was caught off guard with thew price for a damn 2 liter of Coke. Over $3... are you KIDDIN' ME? U know, it's ridiculous. Why up thre darn price for that too? Domino's suck for doing that.

Peter Lanceley
2019-09-02 16:54:39

Don't know why the reviews are so bad

Don't know why the reviews are so bad? I've never had an issue with Dominos. Their pizzas are always on the pricey side, but I'll only get one if they are on offer. Worth the value then.

Jessie White
2019-11-11 20:50:43

Edgewater’s driver Helga ❤️

Helga is the best driver- every time she delivers it’s like seeing an old friend, even if she isn’t feeling well she’s always sweet. The food is always still hot and perfectly intact, and she takes each order out individually to ensure it’s accounted for (and never forgets drinks). If the order happens to be untimely she apologizes but it’s hard to be upset when it doesn’t effect the quality of the food or the experience. Overall she makes the experience wonderful, the driver you secretly hope you get when you order.

Marcus Baikie
2019-07-26 19:31:05

Dominos review

Brilliant food, good cost and value for money. Came very fast and still hot, however incorrect change was received

Alice Healy
2020-03-03 16:45:07

I have not recently experienced any…

I have not recently experienced any problems with dominos. They deliver within the expected time frames and the orders are accurate. Great tasty food to eat when in an indulgent mood. Recommend

Jamie Parkar
2019-11-11 09:52:36

service is good and really yummy pizza…

service is good and really yummy pizza delivered

Jordan P.
2020-05-11 23:11:12

Pizza Hut doesnt deliver in my area

Pizza Hut doesnt deliver in my area, not a big fan of Papa Johns taste but must say am a fan of Dominos, and their service, top notch

Molly Flynn
2020-05-13 02:16:24

No dough balls !!!

Ive rated 3 but as before i used to rate 5 butt since they have got rid of the dough balls ive had to update my review... cant believe this

Du kanske också gillar dessa kuponger