Cyberpower Kupongkoder och kuponger Storbritannien Maj 2022

Kolla in de populära erbjudandena på . Upptäck kuponger för maximala besparingar. Hitta ett utbud av Cyberpower Kupongkoder gäller för Maj 2022 . Njut av våra verifierade och uppdaterade 20 kampanjer till oslagbara priser. Det finns för närvarande 20 specialerbjudanden tillgängliga på Cyberpower , Inklusive Cyberpower Verifikationskoder. Unna dig själv för mindre och njut av stora besparingar på Cyberpower i dag!

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Cyberpower Recensioner

Valentin Buyukliev
2020-05-19 23:59:43

I am being honest with this experience…

I am being honest with this experience now and I must say I was disappointed a bit. It all started with the order, I selected fast track and when it was due to arrive they said they didn't have the case and so they have not started it yet - even though I called 3 times in 5 working days to check on the progress and they told me all 3 times that it was being built. Okay, it happens. On the 2nd day from the order date, I changed my video card and I had to remove the WIFI card in order to fit, no issues there - done and dusted. Later on when I received the PC I was so happy that I ignored to check all items purchased and selected freebies. It turned out that the game they were supposed to send the code for - well they didn't. I contacted them about that and I heard nothing from them (05.20.20). I asked then a question about the PC if I can upgrade my RAM and return mine and pay up the difference, I heard nothing as well. The PC came well packed and in good quality. No scratches no marks, everything is perfect. So, mainly customer services is poor to average. I had multiple conversations with different staff from CP and some were resolved but so did half did lie on the phone. So far, the PC lagged 3 times (permanent freeze - needed restart). It does heat up very badly and even though I have 240 liquid cooling and 3 fans it still does heat up a lot and so I feel like I have to turn it off for a while which is ridiculous, they could have told me or advised me or at best not to allow a system to be built with these specs if its going to head up and eventually turn itself off because of overheating. I still cant understand something as well, MY case* (comes with 2 front and 1 back fans built in) and I have selected 2 fans to be in the PC as an additional option and so far It comes to 3 fans(build it) and 2 just not on there. If its the case that my Motherboard cannot support all these, again, customer service, call me and tell me..

emma-louise cheetham
2020-05-19 21:51:07

Great service, good communication.

Website was easy to use, and a lot better value than other websites I had checked out. When delivery was delayed I received a courtesy text to let me know even though the dispatch was only delayed by a day which in the current pandemic is miraculous!

2020-05-19 19:28:01

Cronavirus can't stop CyberPower

CyberPower kept updating me about my order. I understand there were some delays due to the Coronavirus. I am thankful and quite surprised that CyberPower was still working on my order.Thank you for your service and I am beyond excited to use the Gaming PC.

2020-05-19 15:43:09

It arrived all well packed and secured

It arrived all well packed and secured, work perfectly now. Really happy with the quality of the PC. One thing that I had trouble is the customer service it took me couple days to get through to someone to find out about my order there has been lack of communication. But apart from that it's an amazing PC and I'll definitely recommend.

2020-05-19 10:06:35

Very good customers service even with…

Very good customers service even with the pandemic they did a briliant job deliverying my laptop very fast and the laptop it`s good very good as i expected.1 more thing i wanted to mention that is possitive is that is one of the few companies who will call you to let you know when you will receive the order which i think it`s great.Really appreciate all their hardwork and for sure i will order from them again!

2020-05-19 03:01:54

Amazing customer service amazing team…

Amazing customer service amazing team and great PC's PC's what more to say

2020-05-18 17:04:21

I have ordered a PC system from…

I have ordered a PC system from cyberpower systems. It takes 2 weeks to receive it but I don't mind since they didn't just build and ship the system but they performed a thorough stress test to make sure there were no issues. The system arrived on the date promised and in a very well protected package. I've been using the system for a couple of weeks now and it performs effortlessly anything that I throw at it. So, a very nice and in my opinion reasonably priced system and from a nice company that were very helpful to answer any of my questions. Thumbs up!!

2020-05-18 16:21:43

Great pc

Great pc no issues

Aidan Brooks
2020-05-18 09:14:17

Amazing Company

Customer Service is superb. Solved my Sales issue immediately and professionallyI will update when I get my computer.

2020-05-16 20:52:57

Worth the wait

Even with the pandemic, Cyberpower were still able to fufill the shipping date of my pc. Really appreciate all their hardwork and my PC performs amazing!

2020-05-15 18:22:13

CyberpowerUK is an incredible company

CyberpowerUK is an incredible company. I had nothing but pleasant experiences with the the company and it's staff especially Alan and Dave and I have to say the customer service was unbelievably good. When building my PC the case that I had ordered was out of stock so Dave from the CyberpowerUK team send me a quick email and text saying it was out of stock and would be upgrading me free of charge and sent an apology for any inconvenience. They then promptly finished building my PC and shipped it the day after. It then arrived only 2 days after without paying for fast shipping. So all in all I highly recommend cyberpower to anyone looking for a solid gaming or work build for a decent price. Delivery is impressive due to the current situation going on with the pandemic, the delivery is on time and on point. Discord is one of the best experience's I've had, amazing community and community moderators to assist you with any questions you have.

2020-05-15 12:13:22

Great service!

Had been looking into buying a gaming PC for a few months but always hesitated due to various uncertainty of what specification and requirements I wanted. Browsed website after website with no luck, direction or guidance until I found Cyberpower. Their discord chat has been amazing! Several members always online to help answer all my pre-sale queries instantly. The online advice reassured me that I was buying the right product for me so I bit the bullet and made a purchase. It arrived within the estimated delivery timescale and the discord chat even helped me with a few questions I had regarding set up. My only negative was that I didn't receive any confirmation email for some reason? However on my website account it showed up and I was able to track progress through there.

2020-05-14 22:20:21

Product has been delivered safe and…

Site was easy to use and the discord offers assistance with completely your case if you have any questions. Product has been delivered safe and sound with no issues. On closer inspection there are no problems with the PC case or the parts within. I've had my PC for a few weeks now and everything has been running smooth and without any complains.

2020-05-14 18:53:59


I had a few delays with my order, but that's to be expected with the current happenings, limited staff, lots of orders!As always, absolute perfection when it comes to build and quality. Makes Covid19 feel like Covid7.

2020-05-14 18:36:24

Easy to use website. Relatively quick delivery.

Website was reasonably easy to use and helped me build a PC despite me not knowing 100% what I was doing. It took approx 2 weeks to arrive which I thought was good for a custom PC during the current Pandemic.