Costco Verifikationskoder December 2021

Varje dag, serverar den senaste kupongen och erbjudanden från Costco . Populärt nu: Spara upp till 80 % rabatt på återförsäljningsartiklar. Dessutom uppdaterar vi våra kampanjer varje dag. Börja spara pengar på dina onlineköp med vår Costco Rabattkoder. Lägg till en av dessa 18 verifierade rabattkoder i din varukorg. Handla vad du vill ha och spendera mindre.

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Costco Recensioner

Keith Harrison
2020-05-14 16:21:43

Costco Online Charging Double

Been a Costco Trade Member for over 15 years, but now having no end of problems with what was a fairly large online Order. Placed that on 11/05/2020, and paid in full, the funds leaving our Account same day. The Order was a mixture of main items that each included Carriage, plus a Grocery Order that included a single group Carriage. So far, so good. However, as the Order started to Ship, I noted Shipment Debits, IN ADDITION to the whole Order sum that had left our Account. I could see a Cash Flow drama about to unfold the moment the first Shipment Debit appeared, so contacted our bank and also Costco, all to no avail. Several hours on the phone to both, failed Costco Chats (cut off when I was number 1 in the queue), with neither the bank nor Costco interested enough to assist. We are down THE WHOLE ORDER VALUE, and Costco are now also busy Debiting every Shipment of the same Order, so DOUBLE PAYMENT. I appreciate this should square away, but it is not meant to work like this. Nobody else does this. We are now struggling to manage other Payments because Costco is busy helping itself to DOUBLE the payment. Latest was Costco now say I must email, which I did, but still nothing. You simply cannot get through to anyone who is in a position to assist. This is by far the worst experience we have ever had with Costco, and I cannot in all honesty recommend anyone use the Online System until this is addressed. It looks like Costco need to re-think how the Grocery Delivery option works with normal Online Sales. Right now, it does not work.19/05/2020 To reply to Catherine, yes, I had to get our bank to cancel the Authorisation, because Costco was ALSO taking additional sums as the Order part-shipped. There was no clearing down of the Authorisation as Shipments went out, so taken to the extreme, it was heading towards a situation that DOUBLE the funds would have been taken, before the original Authorisation was cleared down. Nobody else does it like this, and it is a nightmare from a Cash Flow point of view. This needs to be looked at by Costco. I have updated the score, because most of the Order has arrived, and there are no complaints in terms of that Service nor quality. The issue is solely a Billing Mechanism issue, which I suspect is linked to the Grocery Deliveries. A likely Workaround is to not mix items when Ordering, anything that includes Carriage, should be Ordered as a Single Order, even if that involves multiple smaller Orders. Then place a single Grocery Order that has a single Carriage Charge, and just hope that Costco do not take the sum twice over before clearing down the initial Authorisation.

Mike Thompson
2020-05-13 15:13:43

I have been to Haydock store today and…

I have been to Haydock store today and some of the food items have some very short sell by dates eg the coleslaw sell by date 13 -5-20 The lactose free milk 15-5-20 this was on the 13-5-20 Has anyone else noticed the short sell by dates ??

Lyndon Bassett
2020-05-09 13:14:39

Great selection

Great selection. I managed to get essential things from here when all the supermarket shelves were empty.

Farina Lubin
2020-05-08 10:27:05

I am very happy with their service and…

I am very happy with their service and their staff - super charming and always friendly. Keep up your great work!

2020-05-05 13:04:09

Great Service from the online team

Great Service from the online team. Great Service from the online team. Ordered a product and had to return it as it was faulty. No hassle at all. Everything was replaced and refunded. Four stars only because the delivery people that called me said they were from AO not costco and were not very professional. They also brushed the mess from the back of the delivery van outside on the street and left the rubbish.

2020-05-03 12:05:12

Warehouses are good if you can get to them, online store is meh

I've been a member for years and customer service has been great. When I've had issues with items they've proactively looked into them rather than just giving me a canned response. I love the samples in the warehouses too as it lets me try new things, but they don't do them nearly as much in the UK as they do in the US - memberships also work internationally which is a bonus. I'm just not impressed with their online store, lots of items are significantly more expensive than they are in the warehouses, probably to make up for the "free" shipping, and the £6 delivery charge for "grocery items" is a bit of a joke too.

2020-05-03 00:20:15

Trafford Park Costco service is great

Recent first time member and joined during covid-19. All precautions have been taken at Manchester with regards to queuing and hygiene. Picked up some garden furniture cheaper from the warehouse than online and helpful staff with loading. All in all a very positive experience and look forward to visiting when normal business resumes.

Selina Clark
2020-05-02 16:51:45

Don’t blame Costco the Royal Mail delivery took over 2 weeks instead of 2Days

We placed an order promptly receiving confirmation of the order with a two business day delivery when it did not arrive within the time, We contacted Costco the clippers where showing out of stock it was confirmed the order had actioned and was out for delivery with Royal Mail but there could be a slight delay due to Covid-19, we agreed that if it hadn’t arrived I would contact them after the weekend, it didn’t We made contact after the agreed time and spoke to a very helpful member of staff Melissa who confirmed what we had already been told goods were out of stock making it impossible to send out a replacement it was not available on any other online site we agreed to leave it for a few more days it arrived today showing 48hour delivery it had taken 2 weeks apparently there is notifications to allow 14 days for delivery well done Costco thanks for your time and help Melissa

Patricia Heard
2020-04-29 16:35:34

Bought a vacuum 15 months ago and the…

Bought a vacuum 15 months ago and the handle brokeRang the manufacturer and they didn’t want to know said it was out of warranty which it wasDecided to ring the Costco where I bought it and they said bring it back we’ll give you a full refund which I did10 out of 10 Costco We love your customer care

Catherine Hopkins
2020-04-11 17:05:28

First time Costco user and couldn’t be…

First time Costco user and couldn’t be happier with the service from start to finish. A very helpful sales assistant at Trafford called Gordon deserves a particular mention for his excellent customer service. Thanks, I will be back!

Diane Ryder
2020-04-11 16:47:22

I have always had good service from…

I have always had good service from Costco online. Good products and service.

Scouse mouse
2020-04-04 11:04:58

Costco Liverpool

Despite a small queue to get in it moved quickly. Once inside the store was very well stocked. All the staff including those that were ensuring the social distancing measures were friendly and cheerful.In these surreal times thus was a hassle free shop. Well done to all at costco. Keep up the good work and stay safe

Customer R Pitt
2020-04-01 07:30:32

4yr Old LG TV Repair.

We contacted Costco over our LG tv which had developed a fault. The TV was just under 5 years old, but was still under Guarantee.From the pleaseant and helpful lady with the american vioce at the Concierge service, to the Regional Repair company who collected and repaired the TV the whole experice was faultless.Praise where its due.Thank you.

2020-03-26 21:36:01

Went to Costco Farnborough

Went to Costco Farnborough, can’t thank enough to all the staff, so well organised, doing amazing job, shelfs are full of everything, thanks to all of you for doing an amazing job in these difficult times and keeping us all fed

2020-03-25 08:44:39

Costco Covid measures very impressive

Went to Costco in Derby March 23rd. Whilst a lot of items are not in stock their approach to hygiene was both sensible and looked effective. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into making the experience as safe as possible.