Costco Verifikationskoder Maj 2022

Varje dag, serverar den senaste kupongen och erbjudanden från Costco . Populärt nu: Spara upp till 90 % rabatt på återförsäljningsartiklar. Dessutom uppdaterar vi våra kampanjer varje dag. Börja spara pengar på dina onlineköp med vår Costco Rabattkoder. Lägg till en av dessa 20 verifierade rabattkoder i din varukorg. Handla vad du vill ha och spendera mindre.

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Costco Recensioner

Melanie Young
2022-02-09 10:42:59

Perfect return

I purchased a mason greenwood signed shirt, needless to say I wanted to return it, I contacted Costco they collected the item there was no paper work for me to deal with and within 20 mins of collection my purchase was refunded via PayPal. Costco could not have been more helpful or done anything better so well done Costco definitely buy with confidence

Jim Smith
2022-02-01 16:16:03

Always been happy with Costco

I am very surprised by so many negative reviews here. Just to say that our experience of Costco is overwhelmingly positive, from the range available to the prices. In the 20 years we have been a member the most impressive element is the service given - if there has been a rare problem, it has always been addressed quickly and very effectively in our experience.

2022-02-01 06:51:20


Never any complaints from Costco. Always well stocked, great selection, helpful staff and excellent value for money. Petrol also seems to last ages from here. Food court is a must if you go here

2022-01-19 11:44:44

Great products watch what you spend!

Great products, but not eveything is cheaper than in other local stores, only get the basic membership and buy the essentials here, also good for Televisions as they carry a 5 year warranty which is exeptional, cutomer service is not as great but they are a cash and carry no matter how much they try and be a retailer.Buy only essential items on offer, dont go for weekly shop or you will pay more than you can imagine... Best items to buy, Furniture; Clothes, Essential items for household and garden, food items are cheap but you will waste a lot as they have big packs, so unless you are a party animal, be sensible with your wallet.

2022-01-17 23:24:28

Great quality products at wholesale…

Great quality products at wholesale prices. I have been a member at Costco for a number of years now and I love shopping at Costco. I love the special offers every 2 weeks and the new products on offer. We buy meat, household cleaning products (Costco Wipes are the best value for cleaning), Kirkland kitchen rolls are also great value and each peices are thick so you can use just the one to clean up the mess on table. Kirkland brand Water is also great value. The roast chicken at the hot counter is super tasty, We also stock up meat from Costco regularly. I've also bought Tyres when they were on offer, cheaper then my local Tyre centre.

Susan Stephenson
2021-12-15 08:33:55

Excellent delivery service

Ordered washing machine to be delivered, slot was set for 22nd Dec so rang delivery company to try and get earlier date and it was arranged for 15th. Arrived at 7.30am. All I can say is it was an excellent service and the ddlivery people were very polite and helpful, very happy

nicola wilkes
2021-12-14 17:51:46

Fantastic Service and Quality of Goods

I am rather surprised by some of the reviews. I ordered Christmas decorations and earrings on Sunday and received all items today so within 2 days. The Nutcrackers are excellent quality and much better priced than the plastic versions I have seen elsewhere. The earrings are beautiful and exactly like the picture. Very pleased with quality and delivery at such a busy time.

Linda Wood
2021-12-14 09:57:57

Costco must be closing its online presence…

***UPDATE****From Costco reply below I am altering my rating to 4 star!! If that is the case Diana I am thrilled and thankful, I have loved Costco for last 20 years and would be lost without it.... I am relieved to read your comment and THANK YOU for responding so quickly!! Anyone who has had a bad experience has been very unlucky as we have always had such good dealings even when things we bought have gone wrong... which is why I was saddened this am...but now things are looking up again!!There arent many good retailers but Costco sincerely is one of them!Costco must be closing its online grocery store as there is nothing much on the website. When I queried it I was told its because they are focussing on their black friday deals. ?!??!? Whoever heard of a large company shutting down most sales for that reason?? Suspect real reason is they are closing. Perhaps they may even close the website if thats how they view customers. Sadly it means for me that unless I make a 100 mile round trip off an island to mainland and back again I can no longer purchase from them. Sad because I actually liked Costco and their goods and their service which I always found to be par excellent..but this last event..beggars belief!! Very sad Costco .

Martin Fawkes
2021-12-03 00:00:02

Just collected my reading glasses from…

Just collected my reading glasses from Costco Avonmouth. They are brilliant so wanted to say a BIG thank you to Hayley & her team of helpers.

2021-11-26 18:31:45

Ive never had a problem with Costco

Ive never had a problem with Costco, always good prices and had some excellent bargains over the black Friday week. Only thing I can complain about is that they use parcelforce which I'm going to review next.

The Platts
2021-11-24 08:13:04

All good until you try to return…

All good until you try to return something - not good service

2021-11-13 16:55:06

amazing product

amazing product, amazing service. thank you

2021-11-13 09:19:36

Great at refunds

OK. I never got my goods. I never heard from them after placing my order. They couldn't give a date for delivery.They might be in a mess right now agreed.Reviews are bad and Diane does answer every time that she has passed Customer complaints to the relevant departments. A standard answer every time. What they are good at is refunds. Got it next day. I won't order from them again but at least they are good at refunds.

2021-11-06 20:29:51

Kinetic Logistics

Have had a few deliveries from Kinetic on behalf of Costco. All have been within the times lots dedicated. Drivers are professional and curtious. 9/10 Hafta say Sam is pretty much amazing. Got a call with a delivery time and he was true to his word and there within a minute of his estimated slot. Carried the sideboard to the room of our choice. Plus woundnt accept a 20 quid tip for his work stating he was paid enough by Kinetic for doing what he did. Wish every driver was like Sam. Lol

CL Gardner
2021-11-02 13:09:59

Good unless you want to return…

Good unless you want to return something large