KIDLY Коды ваучеров и промокоды Великобритании июнь 2022

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    Обучающая игрушка Janod Magnetibook 2 за 30 фунтов стерлингов

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KIDLY Отзывы

Aimee Maxelon
2019-11-26 12:24:26

Fantastic, friendly customer service

I actually had a small problem with a product I ordered From Kidly which wasn’t their fault, but they have been amazing and fully refunded me. Their customer service is excellent, super quick and they were really easy to contact too. I’ve ordered a few times from them and will continue to do so. Highly recommended.

2019-01-28 10:31:21

Excellent online store

Excellent online store, excellent quality products available there; the site is easy to navigate, there are also very useful images and reviews form other users, so you can see the product in action. Just so easy to shop there and overall such a pleasant experience.

J King
2019-05-24 12:39:16

Super efficient fast service and excellent merchandising best price

Ordered some emergency specialty bottles at 6pm to arrive for a 4pm flight the next day. The bottles were cheaper than amazon, next day delivery was available and only £6, I got my bottles by noon well in time to pack for my flight. I love the selection and merchandising of the site and its super efficient design and efficient service. Will definitely buy from Kidly again and recommend on.

2018-12-13 20:06:10

Excellent prices and service

I don't normally write reviews but I was very impressed with this company. The product selection is great, the website works well, the prices were cheapest online, delivery was speedy and even the packaging was extra nice. Plus, returns were free and exceptionally easy. Good job.

2018-10-10 14:22:05

Such a refreshing change to the current…

Such a refreshing change to the current offering of online children's stores. The online experience is really slick and I love that each product page includes a review from a parent that has tried and tested the product. After I placed my order I got an email from the owner explaining what they are about, which I thought was a lovely touch. Speedy delivery too.

Bag Addict
2020-02-14 17:27:54

Good customer service, friendly, fast delivery, quality products

This was my first order from Kidly. I ordered a set of 3 silicone teethers, 3 set teething balls (oibo) and a chewable toothbrush. The delivery arrived very quickly and all the products are of good quality. These teethers are bright, quirkly colourful and multipurpose - my baby enjoys playing with them in creative ways. I have yet to use the chewable toothbrush as it says 10+ months on the packaging, so I will wait until my baby is 10 months and then use it on my baby's gums/teeth.

Jessica White
2019-12-20 18:52:02

Delivers consistently on quality, timeframe and customer service

I've ordered from a few companies this Christmas and Kidly has been far and away the most positive experience. Excellent quality items arrived quickly. I've ordered from them several times this year and have always found them to be brilliant. I once had an issue with the condition something arrived in and they immediately addressed it and proposed a more than fair solution. Good customer service and meeting expectations matters more than ever at this time of year and, in my experience, you can rely on this company to deliver.

Ériu Ellka
2018-11-30 21:39:07

Costumer service and products are…

Costumer service and products are great, happy so far with them.

Vicky Lane
2019-08-27 07:41:34

Best customer service ever experienced

We bought a highchair off Kidly, used it and found it didn’t work for us. They were absolutely brilliant about it - instantly replied, allowed us to send back and issued a full refund. Everyone we dealt was extremely friendly and warm and couldn’t have been more impressed with the service. Thank you!

Laura Jack
2019-07-12 12:04:04


Brilliant productsSpeedy delivery Good email communicationNo complaints whatsoever, I would use again!

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