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Tui Anmeldelser

2020-05-20 07:25:59

On hold for a while but quick refund

I don’t normally leave reviews but as Tui are getting a lot of negative comments I thought I’d share my experience.We were booked with first choice and were due to fly to Mexico 30/03/20 and when it was cancelled we immediately decided we would prefer our money back due to the uncertainty surrounding future travel abroad.I left it a number of weeks to contact Tui as they were obviously snowed under. I received the refund credit email a couple of weeks ago. On Monday 18/5/20 I decided to call and try and get through. I called a few times and was cut off but eventually got onto hold and was advised the wait was at least an hour. I was on hold for 1hr 45 mins, which is pretty poor in this day in age. You should at least be told where you are in the queue or have the option of a call back.However the reason for the 4 rating was I eventually got through to a gentleman called Timmy who processed my refund in around 20 mins, the money was in my account the next day. He explained I wouldn’t benefit from the 20% offer but I just preferred the money back.Hope this of help to someone, I think there is a lot of scaremongering regarding Tui in the press. Clearly they want to keep hold of everyone’s money if they can which is why the 20% has been offered but I can confirm that once I’d spoken to someone the refund was processed quickly and without fuss.

Lee Barlow
2020-05-19 21:47:39

Refunded at last!

Ok, so after 5 weeks of waiting and a partial refund initially we finally got the outstanding amount back this week. Keep trying people. Apparently call centre staff can now issue refunds not just the financial team. I hope everyone gets there refund soon

2020-05-19 20:55:20

We are all struggling and are finding…

We are all struggling and are finding these times difficult - even though I’m not overjoyed by the wait / the constant blocking of phone calls we have to be thankful and think of that person on the other end of the phone, they are doing their best in this awful time. Unfortunately there is a lot less staff and A LOT more demand for the customer service department! As much as it’s frustrating we are all human, we need to be patient there is only so much we can do (too many people calling = blocks from calls) Stay safe and well everyone! Most banks will also assist in getting a refund their end worst case scenario!

John Hutchison
2020-05-19 15:29:19

Still a loyal customer

Well 1st time I've tried to ring and after 10 minutes a lovely lady called Sarah answered.. i explained about holiday being cancelled and that id seen another but hadn't yet received my refund credit. She explained that it wasn't a problem and changed it for me and with the 20% discount i got a room upgrade into a suite.. Happy days .. just got to wait another year now

Jamie Jones
2020-05-19 14:39:22

I have always booked with TUI for 6-7…

I have always booked with TUI for 6-7 years now. My booking was amended due to covid-19 then I had notification that if I contact them, I will get a 20% refund. I called them over two days. Was on the phone on hold for 9 hours. I message them 5 times with no response. We had our individual booking but are part of a group of 39 bookings in total. Pretty much everyone who called tui got either a free upgrade on the plane, private taxis or 20% off....... great! I called them and got told them won’t charge me anything for rebooking with them!!!!!!Needless to say I won’t be booking with tui anymore.

Ali Lean
2020-05-19 14:37:47

Service was ok considering circumstances

To be honest I knew what to expect from reading other reviews on here before I called for my refund so my experience was as expected! I received my refund code yesterday and was not due to travel until Friday 22nd May so that was quicker than expected as they stated in the email it would be received within 28 days of my travel date. As per comments below, it took me approx 150-200 call attempts to eventually get put on hold, and then had an hour and 40 minute wait, but all things considered I have had my refund processed within 24 hours of receiving my refund credit code. I will wait to see how long it actually takes to be refunded onto my card (which incidentally I was told had to be my card of booking) but was told to allow up to 10 days.

Dave Richardson
2020-05-19 10:00:50


Hi Everyone. Just spoken to Sarah, lovely polite lady working from home, who processed my refund whilst I was on the phone. There was no hard sell to use the credit at a later date.I had tried a few times over the last few days but not been able to get through. Today I called at 8.20, took a while as I was in a queue, just left the phone on speaker whilst I got on with my own work. Just needed to be patient and got the refund. After the politeness of Sarah I will be booking again once the current world situation is proven to be safe.

2020-05-19 08:45:52

Long hold but got there in the end!

So I was meant to go to Mexico on the 4th May but obviously it got cancelled. I did receive lots of emails from TUI before hand telling me that I would receive a refund credit code within 4 weeks of the departure date. I received the code exactly a week after the departure date which was great. I tried several times in the week to ring but was always busy or couldn’t get through. So last Friday 15th may I thought I’d try at 8:30am to see whether I could get in the queue... it worked! I was on the phone for 2 hours but I finally spoke to someone and within a few minutes she sorted my cash refund out.Yesterday I received part of my refund and today 19th may I received the rest! Just an FYI they refund you the exact way you paid... so I received some in my current account and the rest on my credit card which is annoying but at least I got the refund. So hang in there people and maybe try before 9am like I did. Very annoying to be on hold for 2 hours but I suppose most of us have the time at this current time. Stay safe!

Nick Dancy
2020-05-18 23:35:15

Mission accomplished..

After receiving a credit note it was difficult to get through 5 hours of trying, but when I did I spoke to a nice young lady who instantly processed the cash refund and money was in our account within 3 working days, I was very polite and courtious to her as shouting at her is A I polite and B not her fault personally. As I said hard to get through but understandable considering there is thousands of people all trying.

2020-05-18 19:48:04

Changed from this may to next stress free

I was worried when the virus hit not knowing about what's happening read so many negative reviews on web site I found a couple of e mail addresses sent the emails to say I wanted to rebook not refund within the hour lovely lady rang me I booked a better and dearer hotel with my 20% off for next may ..then few days later another call to see if they could help I am more than happy got lovely hotel next may all made painless and stress free

2020-05-18 15:27:11

Do not despair

Do not despair. Do not give up. OK it wasn't easy to get my refund but I have now got it in my bank account. It took 200 (exactly ) phone calls over 4 days then I got in a queue, it said a one hour wait but I had a two hour wait in the queue then I got through to a very nice Welsh lady who was working from home, it then took about 15 minutes to sort everything out, and within a couple of working days the money was received. I did press the voucher credit option (option one) on the phone even though I wanted a refund, I don't know if that helped , but when I got through there was no problem processing the refund. I had received my credit code though. When you do get through, please be nice to whoever answers, they are I am sure doing their level best.

2020-05-18 09:49:19

Done better than I expected

Hi all. Pleasantly surprised. I called them on may 5th for my full refund due to the cancelled holiday and the money was into my bank account the next day. The phone wait was 40mins. Overall I’m happy with the process considering what’s been going on and the negative press they have had.

Mrs Sue Butler
2020-05-17 13:01:40

Get yourselves sorted

Tui have to remember who keeps them in business and what goes around comes around.Everyone has a different story to tell. I dread to think how much some of the phones bills will be, I haven't rung yet as trying to be patient. I had the cancellation email for my holiday, which I should be on at the moment, but nothing since. I am not happy to rebook a holiday so the credit voucher is no good to me. I just want a full refund. I understand from others that because we booked in store it will take more time to sort this. For the life of ne I don't understand why people aren't dealt with in date of their holiday order or why stores can't be open to deal with things as well as sufficient staff working from home. Why refunds are promised but people wait for many weeks then others report having it within days.Absolutely no consistency , what a way to run a business!

Mark Owens
2020-05-17 11:36:42

4 stars for Michelle - 0 for TUI management

The 4 stars are intended purely for the lady (Michelle) who dealt with my refund. Just an update on my state of affairs with TUI. Very happy to say I have received my refund. They contacted me shortly before I was due to fly to inform me that the flight was cancelled (this was after I had complained that TUI had not confirmed flight cancellations, to enable me to cancel other aspects of my holiday). A week after we were due to fly they sent another email stating that they would be sending me a credit voucher; which they duly sent two weeks after my intended departure date. It took me two days of constantly phoning and re-phoning TUI before I managed to get through to the hold line. I waited just over an hour on hold before I managed to speak to a lovely Welsh sounding lady named Michelle who processed my refund there and then and now less than 3 days later I have my refund back in my credit card account. The 4 stars I have given are purely intended to reflect the very courteous treatment I received from Michelle (she is a credit to TUI). And before sceptics start saying I must be either a member of TUI staff or a relative of Michelle; I can categorically state that I don't know the woman from Adam but I am totally grateful for the way she treated me. As for TUI management, they need to get their act together and make a point of keeping customers firmly at the front of their minds and do the right thing and speed up the refund process for many that can't manage without their refunds and the stress caused by not receiving any information or any way to actually speak to a human and not an automated message.

william dunning
2020-05-16 18:15:04

Cruise and Flight only cancelled mid…

Cruise and Flight only cancelled mid March the people at the TUI shop told me I would get a full refund in 14 days received nothing and tried to contact TUI but could not get through sent Emails and Text but no reply very frustrated then on Wednesday the full refund was in our Bank so all is well so a happy Bunny Don’t give up