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Milk & More Reviews

Robert Brookman
2020-04-11 09:45:51

Dougie has been our mlkman for many…

Dougie has been our mlkman for many years and we have had excelent service. We have never met him let alone seen him because he comes during the early hours. Well done Dougie!

Jen Sharman
2020-04-08 15:08:36

Missed deliveries and no response to refund email

I am a long term customer and the service has always been excellent - even the beast from the east only delayed our delivery by a few hours. I understand that these are exceptional circumstances but deliveries are a lifeline for many of us - particularly those with respiratory conditions who are shielding at home. There have been no deliveries on the last 2 Fridays and no response or refunds yet when we e-mail the relevant address. The biggest frustration is the lack of communication. A card has arrived for 2 of the 3 missed deliveries saying “sorry” but no refund as yet and you continue to take the money for the next weeks deliveries. If regular items are not available please consider letting us know in advance so we can at least try to make other arrangements or ask neighbours to help. We all understand how difficult it is but letting us down week after week is just not on. Please consider sending an e-mail or message to relevant postcodes or consider substitutions - something would be better than nothing arriving! I look forward to your normally excellent service returning and would ask you to please keep trying in the meantime!UPDATE- Refunds now all sorted and all my ordered items attained today - teething problems due to massive increase in demand I am sure. All resolved now thanks to a public post on here rather than the private e-mail route but I am happy nevertheless. The service is a lifeline and a huge thank you to the team for getting on top of things.

Dan Smithers
2020-05-14 10:50:32

Reliable service

Great to have a reliable milkman delivering to our doorstep.In the current lockdown this has been very useful and saves us having to visit the shops multiple times per week for essentials.

2020-04-17 13:49:05

Great but some products are slightly expensive

We've been using Milk & More since moving into our new house, and they've always been very helpful, they consistently deliver what you order on the days you want it, and they have a fair range of additional bits and pieces to help top-up your cupboards for breakfast! It's a shame some of the products they offer are so expensive, so I've marked down one star for this, but overall I'd highly recommend them - at least for basic milk, which they have many variations of!

Sally Cooper
2020-05-08 05:58:18

Milk and More have provided me with an…

Milk and More have provided me with an excellent service for several years now. The addition of many local excellent - and organic products is very welcome as is the attention to re-cyclable packaging and reducing waste and plastic use.Thank you to my milkman for delivering regularly and silently at 3.30am! and continung to do so during the covid 19 outbreak.

2020-04-15 19:55:10

Excellent Service

Having read through some of the other reviews left on the site, I felt it only fair to say that whilst I understand how frustrating the points raised can be, we have had excellent service. We started using Milk&More in 2019 to support local farmers, businesses and reduce our reliance on the big supermarkets. Our milkman is always on time and only once have we had an issue with an item not being delivered, but our account was quickly reimbursed. I know this is a very busy and stressful time for everyone, so just want to thank you all for being reliable and keeping at least one meal in a busy household stress-free!

2020-04-08 18:13:43

I can always depend on David Grimmer

I can always depend on David Grimmer. I have never met the gentleman as he delivers when I am still in bed. However I thank him for his dependency, reliability and good humour.ity

Alex W
2020-04-17 23:46:53

Big thanks to Paul during lockdown

During lockdown, Paul has been a lifesaver as it has not always been easy to go to a supermarket and stock levels on some essentials have been unreliable. Thanks Paul!

Mrs Joss
2020-04-14 10:57:24

Shame about the poor quality Veg + fruit box

Always really pleased with the bread and milk but, the veg is terrible. Old greens and rotten veg, sprouting potatoes and too much of items nobody would ever use that much of e.g fennel, also no fruit! For a cost of 16.50 a box I expected more. Very disappointed, this is the second poor box I've had, could have overlooked 1 but not prepared to this time.

2020-04-12 20:05:06

Thanks to everyone at milk and more…

Thanks to everyone at milk and more especially our milkman Richard, Happy Easter & stay safe

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