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Rohan Recensioni

Danny Schofield
2020-04-02 21:05:26

A bit hit & miss these days.

A bit hit & miss these days, and certainly not the Rohan it used to be. Very disappointed to have bought 5 pairs of Alpha Silver boxer shorts only to discover that they are very uncomfortable and poorly ventilated. Furthermore, Rohan didn’t bother to publish my negative review, which makes their whole review system rather worthless.

Perth person
2020-01-13 17:27:25

Excellent service in perth

Excellent service in perth. Small store, personalised service

Peter Lockyer
2020-01-05 18:09:46

It turned out well

I've been a customer for years and their products are excellent as is their customer service. Recently I bought a heavily reduced new waterproof jacket online. Initially I was sent the wrong size. The team at the Covent Garden site and in the customer services Department made great efforts to find new the correct size and post it out to me in double quick time. Really nice caring people.

Shaun Tate
2019-11-13 23:38:24

Very Speedy Delivery

I called at the store to buy trousers but my size wasn’t in stock in the style I liked. They were ordered without fuss for delivery to my home address and arrived the next morning. Amazing!

2019-11-01 12:39:11

I have bought a lot of stuff from Rohan…

I have bought a lot of stuff from Rohan over many years, and I have never regretted it. Their products, their shops, their staff, and their customer service are absolutely the best there is.Their designs are not cheap (usually - they do have sales!) but they are excellent value. They are particularly good for me as a regular long-distance walker, because their waterproof hiking gear is bombproof, and they also have a good range of *really* light stuff .. base layers, midlayers etc that weigh almost nothing.I've no connection with this company, I'm just a happy customer who feels quality of this kind, becoming rarer every year, needs to be recognised and celebrated.

David Riley
2019-10-14 14:27:00


I can Honestly say, I’ve Never worn a Bad Piece of Kit from The Rohan Brand. I’ve been a Customer Since the Early Days. A Bags for Life and Mine are Still Going!!! Maybe I’ve been Lucky. Prime Example is the Hilltop Jacket. Right Length. Totally Waterproof. Absolute No-Brainer.... Forget the Vagaries of Modern Fashion. Not Everyone Wants to Look like Their Going to Climb the Matterhorn.... I Guess I Sound like I Work for the Firm. No. Just a Satisfied Customer.

2019-04-17 13:38:30

Customer Services second to none

Customer Services second to none. Clothes last through the years and still look great.

2019-04-15 18:29:51

Rohan customer service are second to none.

Rohan customer service are second to none. If I have ever had a problem they sort it out quickly. The gear is great and many of my well worn items could be taken for new. The garments are virtually dry out of the washing machine and perfect for traveling. I have been buying Rohan for twenty years now and always have a look at what is on offer. Just got three element tees and although they are not a budget brand I know they will last me ages and will not lose colour in the wash. No iron needed either!

2019-03-16 11:09:29

Always good service

Always good service, the minor problems I have had resolved quickly

Mr Michael Wood
2019-02-23 23:37:41

I have to agree with some commentators disappointed

I have to agree with some commentators. Tight legs on trousers are ludicrous. If you go into the great outdoors hiking etc. The last thing you want is tight clothing. The designers clearly don’t climb mountains, travel long haul or go on big hikes! The cut is different and far less comfy. Massive pockets on a skirt now gape and looks silly! I have just bought a long line cardigan the manufacture is dreadful I now see that one shoulder is 2cm wider than the other. I’ll have to take it back to the store..... really disappointed. I could probably get better in Primark.i

G Wright
2019-01-04 21:54:54

Great products for travelling

Great products for travelling, lightweight and quick to dry but a bit pricey.Jeans, trousers and shirts from Keswick store

Jon Bown
2018-12-29 01:22:57

A reliable and versatile activity clothing brand for over 35 years.

I have purchased Rohan since the mid 80's when it was an innovative outdoor brand. I also interviewed the founder. Rohan has always been an integral part of my wardrobe for all travel and work requirements, except of course events that required expensive fine cut suits etc. My broad Rohan wardrobe includes smartwear and suits that have endured and travel well. Ultralite to pack and wash and multifunctional. I often work in travelling medical environments where hygiene, smart informality and work comfort is paramount. Rohan is one of the rare brands that fits the bill. Some of my Rohan equipment dates back to the 90's and is still going only criticism has been the rapid wear on the collars of some of the softer warmer informal shirts (I don't shave Sundays! ),.and sometimes L is in fact M on some shirt versions.Rohan remains my first port of call for clothing: informal smartness, multifunctional use, extreme comfort, travel security and easy washing and rapid drying, compact packing, durability,....even for the Envoy suits! My last years purchase of the Cold Harbour coat,....was a fantastic surprise. Very fashionable, even in jeans (Rohan of course) ,.....very warm, practical and wears well. I feel 30 years younger! Rohan, young or older,.......the practical person's choice to stay smart and on the move.

Brian Mee
2018-11-26 17:06:56

Rohan clothing sizing.

I have worn Rohan clothing for a number of years. I knew exactly what sizes were right for me.In the last year I have had to return a number of pairs of trousers due to the tightness of the legs even on the regular fitting.Apparently Rohan are going for the "younger" market and slimming down the cut of the clothes. That's fine but that doesn't suite the "older" market who just want comfortable easy to wear clothing.Please reconsider Rohan as I can't get trousers to fit now!PS. Staff in Nottingham shop are always helpful and happy to help.

Paul Blakey
2018-10-17 19:40:27

Purchases Rohan shop in Hebden bridge.

Upon entering the Rohan shop we received a very nice personal & friendly greeting. We received great advice without feeling pressured. We purchased 2 items. Lovely shopping experience. An absolute pleasure to shop there. We have purchased many Rohan items in the past, all great products. Thank you to Richard and lady colleague at the Hebden Bridge shop.

2018-08-20 21:08:40

I have just returned a pair of Rohan…

I have just returned a pair of Rohan Roamers which I bought in June 2018 They were navy blue size 14 short, which I paid full price for.I have worn them three times, washed three times and am really disappointed that they have gone really floppy and shabby. They fitted perfectly when I bought them but now they are too long. I have been buying these trousers for at least 9 years. The first few pairs were much better fitting and longer lasting than when they changed from double stitching to single stitching. I have three pairs of trousers from about 2011 which I am still wearing and are really smart but the latest offering is not going to last any where near as long. The quality has gone down hill. I know that most people won't be wearing the same trousers for as many years as I have, but the earlier quality was much better than the quality now. The same goes for the t shirts. I have to say that the shop in Long Preston changed my trousers when I took them in after checking them with a new pair. My trousers were longer than the new pair. So they gave me a new pair of black ones. We will have to see how these go.